RW Swiss Automation has been operating for over 15 years and has completed automation and robotics projects for the largest automotive brands worldwide.


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  • Chrysler project, Mexico

    As a result of long-lasting cooperation with FFT, our company started execution of a project in Mexico. With participation of online department, we are planning to implement programs prepared both by the customer and by our in-house programmers in Puebla. Under this project we are to integrate processes of spot welding, bolt welding, indirect method welding, MIG welding...

  • BMW G08 Dadong Project

    While broadening our horizons, we started cooperation in China. Our activities will result in the design of a plant area with almost 150 industrial robots. We are responsible for manufacturing the most complex areas of the body: Front End, Rear End and Side Frames. Profiting from our experience from European market, we guarantee to the customer that they can be sure that...



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