VW Polo CNG, Pamplona


In Pamplona, Spain, we are preparing production lines for a new model of Volkswagen Polo, and the scope of our works covers simulation and offline programming. VW Polo CNG (Compressed Natural gas) is a special economical version of this popular model, making use of compressed natural gas as its fuel. The premiere is really...


Mercedes M-Class, Tuscaloosa


In cooperation with the EBZ Group we have installed a true army of 800 robots in the Mercedes plant! The view is really impressive. We implement the project of the new Mercedess M-Class in the plant in Tuscaloosa, USA. As always, our client can count on our comprehensive services: preengineering, simulation, offline robotics, PLC programming, and, naturally… virtual...


Project Volkswagen Atlas


In Santa Monica, where the world’s most famous road – Route 66 – ends, a new model of Volkswagen has been just presented, a car at which the RW Swiss Automation team works, as well. This mighty SUV called Atlas is produced in the American town we know very well, Chattanooga, where our specialists prepare the sides and the body of this...


KUKA College


At RW Swiss Automation we are well aware how important our staff’s development is. Therefore, we have launched a series of trainings devoted to the operation of robots and software! Within the scheme of the programme of KUKA College, the first daredevils from our company have already completed their trainings and passed an examination, obtaining the international KUKA...


Project BMW X3


In Spartanburg, USA, RW Swiss Automation specialists work on a luxury model of BMW X3! Our operations focus on the technologies of spot-welding, riveting, bolting, gluing, palletisation,  arc welding, and driving screws. According to the reports, the new generation of BMW X3 is to reach the car dealers in early...



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