Project Jaguar X540


In Albersdorf, Austria, in cooperation with EBZ SysTec, we programme assembly line robots of the luxury Jaguar X540. Making use of the technology of laser beam welding, riveting, and rolling, our activity focuses on areas of the tailgate and the doors of the car. Premiere of Jaguar X540 already in...


Project NCG_SLA, Brasil


We are facing another challenge in Brazil within the scheme of the NCG-SLA project. Upon the commission of our partners, companies EBZ and FFT, in São Bernardo do Campo we are busy configuring and preparing robots to the production of a new generation of Scania cabins. We are particularly active in e.g. the areas of laser cutting and laser beam welding, applying glue on...


Seat Ateca, Skoda Kodiaq and Skoda Yeti2


In Kvasiny, the Czech Republic, our specialists programme robots for the line of Seat Ateca, Skoda Yeti2, and the most anticipated premiere of Skoda this year – a large SUV called Kodiaq. A big...


Project Mercedes M-Classe


In Ravensburg, Germany, we performed works within the scheme of the project of a new Mercedes M-Class (‪Mercedes ‪‎GLE Coupe, ‪‎GLS) for our partner, EBZ SysTec, upon the commission of Daimler. The new Mercedes line will be ultimately produced in Tuscaloosa, USA, where over the years the German corporation has invested hundreds of millions dollars in the development...


Meeting with BMW and ABB


We are thrilled to communicate that recently we have visited China, where we took part in a special meeting with BMW and ABB representatives, the main subject of which was increasing the production capacities of the new BMW...



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